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"Wyn Starks - 2021 Sizzle Reel"
"Wyn Starks - "Black Is Golden" (Official Video)"
"Wyn Starks - "Who I Am" (Analog Session)"
"Wyn Starks - "Sparrow" ft. Built By Titan (Official Video)"
"Wyn Starks - "Tomorrow" ft. Andreas Moss (Official Video)"
"Wyn Starks - "Circles" (Analog Sessions)"

Stories Behind The Songs

About The Album - Black Is Golden

‘Black Is Golden’, the first full length LP from Wyn Starks, isn’t just the name of a record – it’s his truth as a black man living in modern America. “I decided to call the album ‘Black Is Golden’ because throughout history black and brown people have gone through so much injustice in this country and yet contributed so much to society. I think it’s important that we celebrate each other and all our differences.” But the songs aren’t all centered on social justice - the album features upbeat tracks like “Circles” and “Dancing My Way” which showcase Starks' vocal range and sunny disposition; juxtaposed with “At The End of the River”, a deeply emotional track about the tragic loss of Wyn's twin brother. Starks’ feels his journey to self-love is captured in this body of work. He shares, “I’m learning how to celebrate these accomplishments in my life and to love myself, flaws and all.”

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About Wyn Starks

Pop star. Soul singer. Modern-day genre-blender. Old-school R&B revivalist. Wyn Starks proudly celebrates his own diversity with 2021's Black is Golden, a debut album rooted in the singer/songwriter's versatile vocals, timely messages, and bold willingness to break new ground.

Black is Golden blends throwback grooves with contemporary moves, nodding not only to Starks' past — including his upbringing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he sang his first solos in church — but also the innovative sounds he discovered upon relocating to Nashville. Signing a record deal with Curb Records after just six months in town, he began releasing songs that celebrated love, life, and inclusivity, earning nearly 2 million streams for his debut single, 2019's "Circles." From there, his sound deepened to include tracks of justice and racial equality, all while maintaining his unique blend of vintage influences and progressive pop hooks.

Released in 2020, the EP Who I Am showcased an artist whose music as simultaneously personal and universal. One year later, Black is Golden continued that balancing track. The album is both a rallying cry for people of color and an inclusive call to the dance floor for all races, and its broad mix of music — including gospel ballads, rhythmic bangers, soul classics, and dazzling pop anthems — strengthens the album's central message of diversity.