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"Suda feat Pitbull and IAMCHINO - Official Video"

Stories Behind The Songs

About "Rosé"

Equal parts fiery and flirty, "Rosé" finds Melanie Pfirrman creating her own globe-trotting pop sound. Singing in English one minute and Spanish the next, she mixes Cumbia rhythms, American R&B, and Latin swagger into a song that's as sweetly complex as rosé wine itself. Melanie wrote "Rosé" in Miami — the same metropolitan melting pot that inspired her international hit single, "Suda" — with co-writers Andreas Moss, Zashanell, and Alfonso Ordañez. The result is a collaborative song that showcases not only her voice, but also her ability to blend cultural traditions into something new. "You meet a gorgeous stranger at a club, the drinks are flowing, the conversation is great, and your bodies are dancing to the rhythm of the music in perfect harmony," Melanie says of the song's lyrics, which explore the possibilities of finding new love on the dance floor. "It’s so perfect that you have to ask yourself, 'Is this night as perfect as we think, or this just the rosé talking?'"

About "SUDA"

Pop artist Melanie Pfirrman makes a fiery entrance with her first Latin single. “Suda,” which means “to sweat” in Spanish, was produced by frequent Pitbull collaborator IAmChino and features Pitbull himself. The red hot track is drenched in steamy, vibrant sonics making it the perfect soundtrack to a rowdy night out. Pfirrman and Pitbull confidently trade vocals, seamlessly alternating between English and Spanish, dousing “Suda” with a sultry, Latin flair. Pitbull is also featured in the official music video for the song.

He’s big on artist development and interested in helping new artists from the ground up, which is awesome and not very common in this business,” says Pfirrman of Pitbull. “So it was cool to just have him jump on and be so adamant about wanting to be on the track. It’s been an absolute whirlwind.”

“Suda” is the first in a line of new songs Pfirrman is slated to release throughout 2020.



About Melanie Pfirrman

Melanie Pfirrman's globe-trotting pop music blurs the boundaries between genres and countries, fusing Latin rhythms, dance grooves, and R&B swagger into a sound that's both bold and bilingual. Raised on a multicultural mix of Spanish and American music, her diverse music earned her a record deal with Sidewalk Records in 2016, with the debut EP I Don't Wanna Love arriving in 2018. The EP was a hit, racking up nearly 2 million digital streams and producing the Top 10 Radio Disney hit "Go Steady." Even so, it was 2020's "Suda" — Melanie's steamy collaboration with Pitbull and IAmChino — that truly launched her career, showcasing the Latin influences, melodic hooks, and larger-than-life charisma of pop music's newest jet-setter. Working with a rotating group of songwriters and producers, she spent the rest of 2020 in a creative whirlwind, building a catalog of songs that, like "Suda," mixed American and Latin influences into something new. She teamed up with singers Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú for "En Mis Tacones," a bilingual salute to female empowerment, and mixed Cumbia grooves with tropical melodies on "Rosé." While the world around her ground to a temporary halt, she remained as prolific as ever, exploring a unique sound that mixed the familiar with the fresh.